Our Sibaya Story…

You have most probably already seen the gallery of the wild one, but we haven’t shared the whole story about where she came from and how she got from Witbank all the way to Sodwana Bay.

We were on our way back to iSibaya after completing a 2 week contract in Pretoria, we decided to make a quick stop at Witbank Ultra City garage. We were on our way to the bathroom after taking the dogs for a walk. When suddenly this little grey ball of fluff appears seemingly out of nowhere, playing with herself. I walked right up to her and picked her up. She never made a fuss or try get out of my arms. Although she is a stray, she acted almost like she use to be someones pet.

I have been wanting to get my 5 year old cat a friend for quiet sometime now since all the other pet members have been paired up together.

She is the perfect little kitten, never brings out her claws when she plays, is still learning to get along with the big dogs, but has found a playmate in our Jack Russel pup. They remind me a lot about the Disney movie – The fox and the hound.

She seems to love photo shoots and uses the house as her own personal palace. She is a true princess. We recently let her go free without any attachments to stop her from going to far and so far so good. She stays real close the house as much as possible.

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Every day there are new stray dogs and cats, either been dumped on the street or been born into their cruel world.

Maybe stop once in a while and try help 1 of these poor creatures out either by giving them a new home, asking around for someone to help adopt them or calling a non-kill animal shelter to help give them a new lease on life.