Coastal Skippers + Surf Launch.

By Sodwana Bay SODWANA BAY SKIPPERS TRAINING Coastal Skippers – Category B and C + Surf Launch Endorsement. **Sodwana Bay Skippers Training** offers comprehensive courses for aspiring marine skippers. Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a novice, their training programs cover essential skills and certifications. Here’s what you need to know: 1. **Coastal Skippers Course**: – Duration: **4 to 5 days** of practical training at Sodwana Bay (weather permitting). – Content: Covers topics such as **skippers’ duties, outboard motors, radio procedures, seamanship, craft handling, safety, surf launch, and basic first aid**. – Certification: Successful completion leads to a **Category B or C Coastal Skippers Certificate**. – Additional Endorsements: Dive skipper endorsements (where applicable). – Accommodation: You’ll stay at their cozy camp near Sodwana Bay, where you can immerse yourself in learning without stress or hassle. 2. **Surf Launch Training**: – Includes a minimum of **12 qualifying surf launches** on their specially rigged trainer boat. 3. **VHF SRC (Short Range Certificate)**: – Required if you operate a marine VHF radio on your vessel or handheld. 4. **Location**: – Sodwana Bay is situated on the Elephant Coast in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. – Known for its **coral reefs, marine life, and scuba diving**, it’s a paradise for water enthusiasts. **Become a captain** today! As Neil Armstrong wisely said, “It’s not how you look; it’s how you perform.” Contact Sodwana Bay Skippers Training to embark on your maritime adventure. 🌊⚓

Camp Ezihlahleni

By Sodwana Bay

Camp Ezihlahleni – Where the African bush meets the ocean. A special mix of the African Bush with a salty Sea Breeze… our camp is nestled in the heart of Zululand with friendly Zulu faces and beautiful African sunsets – all our cabins have a real rustic flair to them and BONUS your paw friends are welcome as each Cabin has its own enclosed yard. Well known for Scuba Diving and Deep Sea Fishing – Sodwana Bay also offers you the change at connecting with your SOUL again.  Book now!

Tommie Abrams Hluhluwe – Physical Address?

By Sodwana Bay

Hi Hope you all doing well… Please make a stand against Drunk Driving. Go sign our PETITION Contact us with any information > We are the owners of Sodwana Bay Information and almost 1 year on 19th August 2020 the day after the first alcohol ban was lifted – we had the misfortune of being involved with a “Alleged Drunk Driver” on our way to Hluhluwe 07:40 in the morning. For those who want to tittle tale and be a rat – please do so, its your constitutional right. Please run to the Abrams Family now! We have already been threatened with laws suet’s if we keep on asking questions. We are still busy with an insurance claim and awaiting a criminal case by the SAPS for Negligence and Alleged Drunk Driving against Tommie Abrams from Hluhluwe. We need your help in the following matter: I just want to know if it would be possible to provide me with Tommie Abrams Physical Address in Hluhluwe. I might be wrong with the information which I received via the grapevine – I was told that Tommie Abrams is currently not staying with his family and residing in the back of someone’s yard – next to a white police officer. Not sure if he moved in next to the officer for protection – lol! We all know how young people can get themselves into a pickle at times… Also if you have any information about the Car Crash which will end this nightmare for us – Contact us with any information > Not sure if this is correct but they also fixed up his Bakkie – Why would you want to do that? The Bakkie was a total wreck… just saying. Not sure if they did receive money from the insurance – and if they did – how they got the insurance to pay out with a pending criminal case against him??? This young guy has cost my family dearly and still having an affect on our lives daily – almost 1 year later. All we want is justice and we are building a case against Tommie Abrams – I AM NOT GOING TO LEAVE THIS!. We have received some tip-offs from brave members of the community so far and looking into it. I understand how small towns work and people do not want to get involved even thought their help will make a change. I am not familiar with Hluhluwe so any help will be dearly appreciated. P.S We will keep all information anonymous. Please make a stand against Drunk Driving or to be politically correct “Alleged Drunk Driving”. Please make a stand against Drunk Driving. Go sign our PETITION Contact us with any information >

African Red Knob Sea star found in Sodwana Bay

By Cherie Beling

We found a Patrick- Sponge Bob’s best friend! Wow our very first star fish/ Sea star ever found! We found this gorgeous African Red Knob Sea star in Sodwana Bay’s Rock pools while snorkeling! We were on our way to go snorkel in a nearby tidal pool when Tom suddenly saw a bright red star with a grey body clinging to one of the rocks in a shallow pool. At first I thought it might be a toy until it started moving slowly, Tom wanted to touch it, but I cautioned him not to touch it just in case it might be poisonous (Not venomous!)? He then decided to try pick it up with the GoPro and took it out the water to take better pics. It was really huge. Never expected a star fish could get that big – we estimate this starfish was about 20 – 25cm diameter. They can grow up to 30cm in diameter. These Starfish are apparently a prize to keep in an aquarium and are actually nocturnal… Hmmm wonder what this one was doing up so late in broad daylight? Like all sea creatures I would prefer admiring these gorgeous creatures in the sea and having the joy and excitement of been able to find such a creature in the sea rather than captivity seeing them miserable in someone’s house! I always get super excited finding new sea creatures I never imagined could exist and can’t help myself finding out all the amazing fun facts about our new found species… So here are a few fun facts about these beautiful creatures!   Fun facts: These starfish like the warm ocean as they are only found in the indo-pacific ocean! The African Red Knob Sea star is also commonly known as the red knob sea star, red spine star or the African sea star (Scientific name – Protoreaster linckii). Now anybody who has held a starfish dead or alive or just seen a starfish would consider this creature to be more like part of some sortof coral, but in actual fact is classified as an animal not plant! These starfish can grow up to 30 cm in diameter. That as long as a standard ruler which in my opinion is rather large for something I always imagined being small! Its body is grey and the red lines and knobs are actually tubercles making its appearance look like it has a really messy circuit board on its back! These stars can be found in shallow tidal pools and love to hang out with coral up to 100m deep – one of their main food sources lives on coral! These poor starfish are great pets for aquariums, but are very incompatible with most reef tanks as they eat soft corals, sponges, tube worms, clams, other starfish, and the like! So why not just leave it in the sea where it can be controlled by nature! Like most starfish they have 5 arms, their bellies are red and they have pink podia’s(feet) with a central mouth like all starfish do! I never knew a creature could do this – The red knobbed starfish has no teeth to consume its prey, instead it will push out its stomach from the inside out and consume its prey afterwards it will retract its stomach back into its mouth and carry on digesting its food! I mean is this thing something from an alien horror movie or something. That sounds really gross and out of this world!!! “Once the starfish has a clam in its arms, it pries the mollusks shell open and release its stomach into the shell. The stomach has very strong digestive juices that kills and liquefies the animal inside the shell. Once the mollusk is dead, the stomach sucks up the animal, brings in its stomach, and leaves the empty shell on the ocean floor.” – Quote from: Branson’s Wild World Starfish do not have brains and use filtered sea water as blood. These creatures become more insane the more you read about them References: Wikipedia, Branson’s Wild World, Pets on Mom

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