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Sodwana Bay has been declared a World heritage site by UNESCO in 1999 and should stay this way! Currently under management of iSimangaliso Wetlands Park there has risen a few issues but the biggest and most threatening to Sodwana Bays economical and Natural resources is the ongoing DEFORESTATION OF SODWANA BAY’s Ancient Dune Forests just outside the main gate.

Sodwana Bay Park is protected by UNESCO – in my understanding means that anything in the perimeters of the world heritage site is protected and should not be touched.

According to locals they are hacking away at all the trees on the Southern part of the swamp to make space for a banana plantation, which will apparently benefit the community. The last year or so they have been hacking away on the Northern part but it seems that it has become more of a Communal GARDEN for the locals.

This is not outside but inside of the protected area! As this is part of cultural lands ISimangaliso is left in-between a rock and a hard place with the impoverished local community and tribal laws and UNESCO. Everyone is just doing what they seem fit and that is absolutely NOTHING!!!


Even during Covid-19 Lockdown they have been hacking away! This is not essential services!!! Who is allowing this?

If ISimangaliso –
CEO – Sibusiso Bukhosini
Director Socio Economic Dev – Caiphus Khumalo
Commercial Director – Jabulani –
is unable to protect our beloved Sodwana Bay – who will?

Then it must be US!

I think this responsibility is way above their pay grades and needs to be managed by someone who is not afraid to say NO and do what they get paid for…

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Stop the DEFORESTATION at Sodwana Bay

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