Shit I Found Diving Presents: Another Ice Dive Adventure in the North

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Author: Kathy Dowsett

Ice Diving

How do you set up a dive site in Yellowknife in the middle of winter, when the ice is 5 feet thick? Of course, with a six-foot chainsaw. After finishing our ice diving course, Jenny and I travel to Walsh Lake in the middle of winter to assist my buddy Terry in recovering a GoPro he lost down an ice fishing hole. Creating the dive site was an adventure in itself!

Jeremy Macdonald

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Walsh Lake

Walsh Lake is a large inland body of standing water in North Slave Region, Northwest Territories, Canada, approximately 16 kilometres (10 miles) from Yellowknife.

We Continue

After spending the morning cutting through the 5 feet of ice, we’re finally ready to get in the water and dive. This was our first winter ice dive in Yellowknife.

The under-ice diving was amazing. The ice was extremely clear (and thick). The sediment was down, and the lake was the clearest I’d ever seen! And, yes, we found my buddy’s GoPro!

Thank you to Alan for coming up from Alberta to assist us with the dive.

Jeremy Macdonald

Watch the two videos (top of page is preparation for the dive) and bottom video is the actual dive. Enjoy.

Jeremy Macdonald