Scubapro launches masks and snorkel in new colours

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Author: Mark ‘Crowley’ Russell

blue scubapro Steel Comp mask, pink  Steel Pro mask and orange Ghost masks
Scubapro’s Steel Comp, Steel Pro and Ghost masks are now available in different colours

Scuba diving equipment often tends towards being black, however, whether for identification, individualisation or simply because it looks good, some divers prefer more colourful gear, and Scubapro has a lot of it on offer.

Scubapro has a long history of providing divers with a range of variously-coloured equipment, including its Hydros Pro back-inflate BCD, Seawing Nova (and more recently Supernova) fins, plus a variety of other masks, snorkels and accessories, including coloured camouflage versions of its iconic Jet Fins.

scubapro escape snorkel with different colours

Now SCUBAPRO is expanding the colour range in three mask models and a snorkel to include turquoise, pink, orange, yellow and blue versions, in addition to the standard black and white. The new colour scheme will be available for the Steel Comp, Steel Pro and Ghost masks in seven colours, plus the Escape snorkel, which will be available in eight.

For more information visit the Scubapro website.

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