Scuba Diving Operational Risk Management: An SAS approach to principles, techniques and application

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Scuba Diving Operational Risk Management

Scuba Diving Operational Risk Management

Scuba Diving Operational Risk Management is the first book dedicated to the application of risk management to diving of all kinds and at all levels.

In seeking to maintain diver safety, inform rescue management procedures and learn from near misses a process for identifying and dealing with risks is vital. In this key text, former SAS Assault Swimmer Class 1 Gino Ferreri details the step-by-step procedure for pinpointing the real causes of dangers, and mitigating against them and their effects.

Of great benefit to recreational, advanced and professional divers, plus anyone directly or indirectly associated with diving. All will find value in the principles and techniques contained in the book, which will remain relevant throughout their personal development and any future advances in equipment and approaches. 

  • Looks at diving risk management the SAS way.
  • Includes a toolkit of ready-reckoners and templates.
  • Contains information that aligns with the ISO 31000 international risk management standard.

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