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Get your Rhino Card?

Alternatively you can get your Rhino Card @ the main offices of Sodwana Bay Park. The down side of this is that you will have to still pay the entrance fee @ the gate.


What is the Rhino Club?
• Affinity programme – originally designed as a day Visitor entry card, but members wanted more, so the Gold card was introduced for visitors loyal to our Parks.
• Niched with a strategic focus.

Brand building
• Rhino Club satisfies “conservation with a cause” via communication mediums.
• Sells “Loyalty” by attracting new customers through “benefits” that are designed to fill “empty beds” during low occupancy periods.

Marketing value
• Significant marketing material / communication direct to members on a monthly and quarterly basis.
Rhino Club gold Card
• “Interest” driven – data available for Marketing use includes “spend”, “length of stay”, ”size of group”, choice of destination.
• Recognition and preferential treatment (affinity).
• Business objective defined by the blueprint – “conservation with a cause” by giving people the inside track on conservation.

Benefits to Club members
• Contribution to conservation.
• Preferential and value added treatment.
• Recognition and reward.
• Sense of Partnership and of “belonging” to Ezemvelo.

Benefits Offered
• Free access for Gold Card members.
• Email newsletter.
• E-bytes.
• Quarterly Newsletter (complimentary).
• Gold Leatherbacks – 40% discounted accommodation.
• 15% on generic specials.
• Preferential service.
• Free subscription to Wildside magazine.
• Exclusive invitations to Wildlands Trust events

Get your Rhino Card?