rEvo Rebreathers “Try-Dive” Event Returns to Ireland in May 2024

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rEvo Rebreathers

Gas Technologies Ltd, rEvo Rebreather agent for the UK & Ireland, is excited to announce the return of the highly successful rEvo Tec event. Following the resounding success of its inaugural edition in Teelin last year, the event is set to take place once again, this time at Portroe Quarry, Ireland’s premier all-weather diving center.

Scheduled for Saturday, May 25th, and Sunday, May 26th, this year’s event promises to be even more captivating and informative for diving enthusiasts. Portroe Quarry’s selection as the venue ensures that divers can immerse themselves in the world of rEvo Rebreathers without worrying about adverse weather conditions.

Gas Technologies Ltd recognizes the growing demand among divers for immersive experiences and advanced equipment. Through the rEvo Tec event, divers will have the opportunity to engage with industry experts, explore cutting-edge technology, and enhance their diving skills.

The event aims to provide a platform for divers to delve into all aspects of rEvo Rebreathers, from their design and functionality to maintenance and safety protocols. Attendees can expect hands-on demonstrations, informative sessions, and networking opportunities with like-minded individuals.

For further details about the event and to discuss all things rEvo, interested individuals are encouraged to reach out to Gas Technologies Ltd. Don’t miss this chance to be a part of the rEvo Tec event and take your diving experience to new depths.