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Sharkfest 2024 is here. Set sail for the most un-fin-believable SHARKFEST.

With 26 hours of programming, viewers will discover even more groundbreaking insights about the ocean’s most fearsome predator. Nat Geo’s annual must-see summer event will splash off with Marvel superhero Anthony Mackie navigating the waters of his hometown in New Orleans to learn why shark sightings are increasing in local fishing communities, plus ultra-athlete and shark advocate Ross Edgley will attempt to pit his mind and body against four of the ocean’s most formidable sharks.

Then, sink your teeth into more fin-tastic programming to explore a newly discovered great white shark nursery off the coast of New York City, unravel in forensic detail WHY sharks attack, investigate unusual shark encounters around the world, and learn more about the biggest tiger sharks on Earth dominating the shores of Australia.

SHARKFEST is the de-FIN-itive destination for everything about these jaw-some predators — exclusively on National Geographic, Nat Geo WILD, Nat Geo Mundo, Disney+, Hulu and ESPN2.

Learn more at: National Geographic Sharkfest

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