John Matambu – Justice!

By Sodwana Bay
John Matambu - Sodwana Bay Skippers missing at sea..

Hi friends. Further to my last post, we are now able to share more details about where the Tuesday hearing took place, and what Visser was charged with.
Initial information was that the hearing would be in Manguzi.
Visser was then transported by the Police to Ingwavuma.
He was charged with fraud and theft on Tuesday and held for further investigation. Just to recap for those who don’t know: Ferdie Visser was serving a jail sentence on previous charges. He was only released from jail on Wednesday 13th March. He made his way to Sodwana Bay on Thursday 14th, & then booked a bogus boat charter under a false name with John, on Saturday 16th March. John has not been seen since. Besides everything else, Visser has broken parole by skipping the country & fleeing to Mozambique.
Shaun van Kraayenburg kindly put the above poster together. We need to keep the momentum on this case if we are ever to get justice for my beloved brother John Matambu. Please support the hearing on 18 April. John is still missing without trace. Only Ferdie Visser knows what happened to our John. 💔💙💔

#JusticeforJohn #JohnMatambu