John Matambu – In Court

By Sodwana Bay
John Matambu - Missing



The John Matambu Case update. We’ve been through a whole new hell & were unfortunately unable to give you details until now because of the sensitivity of this case spanning 2 counties, and including a 3000 person manhunt.

After a successful arrest in Mozambique, thanks to a citizen spotting Visser, the next challenge was to keep the person of interest under lock & key. Unfortunately, 9 days ago we lost track of him completely. The family literally unravelled, and went on an emotional roller coaster at having found him & then lost him without trace. Unbearably hard.

Yesterday, with almost no notice, we suddenly received notification that Visser would appear in court today in South Africa, to be formally charged.
Until he was physically seen, we still were not sure that the authorities actually still had him.

At 11:22am today with screams of emotion and tears which I’m sure you all heard from Johannesburg to Sodwana Bay & Mozambique, he was identified face to face.

Johns darling brave fiancée Janine Shaw, supported by her & Johns friends, faced the suspect in court as he cowered and hid like a coward.

He was charged today. He is in jail. From here it will escalate quickly.
The next court date is mid April and the journey towards justice for our precious John will continue.

We will post details of that court date and location, for those wishing to attend.

Our John has still not been found.
Tight lines forever, my darling brother. 💔❤‍🩹💔

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