Introducing a Devotional Liturgy for the Advent Season

By koa sinag

Introducing a Devotional Liturgy for the Advent Season

A 40-Day Devotional Liturgy for Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany

During Christmas, homes are filled with good food, welcoming family, and lively cheer. Streets are lined with lights and sprinkled with snow. Amid this season of beauty, even Christians can become distracted, keeping Jesus at an unintentional distance. How can Christians effectively prepare their hearts for the arrival of their King and worship him the way he deserves?

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel by Jonathan Gibson presents a 40-day devotional liturgy guiding readers through Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany—helping them keep their eyes fixed on Christ. Designed as a resource for the holiday season, each reading includes a guided meditation, applicable Scripture readings, hymns, prayers, creeds, and prompts for petition and confession. For individuals and families, this devotional will help Christians focus on Jesus and meditate on the mystery of his incarnation.

And a 30-Day Anthology of Classic Christmas Writings

Journey to Bethlehem presents an insightful selection of Christmas classics from the greatest English and American poets to important historical church figures such as Augustine, Luther, Calvin, and Spurgeon. Literary expert Leland Ryken analyzes each hymn, poem, and prose to approach these classic works in a fresh way. By highlighting how each passage is edifying and stylistically satisfying, readers will experience a new fondness for these classic works as they meditate on the mystery of Christ’s incarnation.

Learn more about O Come, O Come, Emmanuel: A Liturgy for Daily Worship from Advent to Epiphany by Jonathan Gibson and Journey to Bethlehem: A Treasury of Classic Christmas Devotionals by Leland Ryken today!

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