Our Land – OUR HOME!

Our Land


We need help and support. We recently were gifted the most amazing opportunity to have our own piece of land and build our house. Unfortunately Covid hit us all super hard and we burned through our savings last year and have not yet been able to start making enough money to sustain the amount of spending that is needed for expenses.


We need your help! We need financial support to help us stop paying rent and start building.


What do we need:
To start off we need fencing, in rural Sodwana Bay we don’t need expensive palisades and fancy gates, all we need is some wire mesh. The property is around 40m x 40m. It is a large property. The fencing is mainly for our doggy kids as our land will be close to the road and we don’t want them to get run over or decide to grab a chicken for lunch!

Next up we need a water supply, since this piece of land is an open space for now we need water. We will need a JoJo tank to store water and catch rain water when it does rain.


We need a tent, we hoping to find a second hand one in the area. As until our finances pick up this will be where we will be living while we build our house.


We are hoping to get a small solar system going for electricity so that we can at least charge our phones and laptops for work purposes.
With our current situation we don’t have a car – we were in a head-on collision 5 months ago and the drunk drivers insurance is seriously dragging their feet to give us a payout.


Our new land is about 20km away from where we currently stay we will need to pay someone to help us move and at least help us build the fence.

Spoiler alert I am 15 weeks pregnant, which unfortunately makes helping lifting heavy stuff not an option. No this is not an excuse to get out of hard work, trust me I am not scared for hard labor! In hiring people to help us put up the fencing you will not only ne helping us but other families as well!

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