Dive into Colour With Scubapro

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Author: The Scuba News Press Team

New gear in eye-catching coloursSCUBAPRO launches the GHOST, STEEL COMP, STEEL PRO masks and the ESCAPE snorkel in new colours

Diving equipment is black – that used to be the case. Whether for identification, individualization or simply because it looks good – coloured equipment has become an integral part of the diving sector.

SCUBAPRO started using coloured accents many years ago – with success! Starting with the signature Hydros PRO and Seawing Nova, a range of coloured masks, snorkels and fins followed, and recently the interchangeable Supernova Blades, Scuba Skegs and various other accessories were launched in colour.

Now SCUBAPRO is expanding the colour range in 3 mask models and a snorkel to include turquoise, pink, orange, yellow and blue, in addition to the standard black and white. Free divers and scuba divers can now choose the STEEL COMP, STEEL PRO and GHOST masks in 7 colours and the ESCAPE snorkel in 8 colours.

Whether colour blocking or tone-in-tone – there are no longer any limits to individual colour creations.

Learn more at: https://scubapro.johnsonoutdoors.com/eu/en-gb/dive-into-colour

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