Miriam – 10 star camp assistant looking for extra work @ Sodwana Bay

By Sodwana Bay

Looking for work… Hey guys our neighbor Miriam is looking for work… She is an amazingly hard worker and a single mother of 3. She usually helps out at Sodwana Bay’s Gwala-Gwala campsite as a cleaner in high seasons and her English is excellent. If you need anybody to be a camp assistant she’s your girl. She is very friendly and is not afraid of hard work. Please consider her for any openings you might have! Her specialties are: She will wash the dishes for you, wash laundry, and clean out your whole campsite and even willing to help work in the garden raking away leaves and chasing away monkeys! She never shy’s away from a challenge and is a quick learner. If you’re interested in helping out please contact her: 076 473 8280 063 351 4273 We at Sodwana Bay Information ENDORSE Miriam as a 10 STAR employee!!! If you need any References please ask us or Miriam.