How’s your Website doing?

By Sodwana Bay

How is the health of your website? Is your websiteup? So, you opted for cheaper hosting and a family “web designer” which helps you build that “funky” design… but is your website actually up to par? Do you know that new visitors will decide if your Company is TRUST Worthy  in the first 5 sec they browse your website. If your website shines of confidence – it will boost sales and confidence in your brand exponentially. Your brand is your point of sales – let it work for you! Let one of our professional Designers do a site check on your website and give a report on what you can better and how we will fix it for you! Get your Website UP today! Let us be the backbone to your online success! #websiteup   [wp-review]

Let a Local Advertise your Business

By Cherie Beling

  Lets get Sodwana Businesses supporting other local businesses. Check out our advertising PLANS  Lets be honest – SafariNow, trivago, tripadvisor and all these corporate travel agencies are great and convenient for customers and how you arrange bookings! But honestly unless you have returning clients and people who actually know about Sodwana Bay or have heard of Sodwana and would like to give it a try, you get lost in the system and have to compete with way more popular holiday destinations such as: Cape Town or Durban or even Mozambique and Richards Bay. Honestly this is truly not fair! Our team here at Sodwana Bay Information wants to help change all that. How do we propose to do this, you may ask? Well by putting Sodwana Bay on the map, by not just tryna recruit old clients in to coming back and a hand full of new tourists that happen to stumble upon this gorgeous rural gem, but we want to recruit new clients who have never been here from all over South Africa and Internationally! Not just the Germans and Hollanders, but what about Americans and the British, Asians  etc. Bring them to sunny South Africa. Yeah everybody is scared of crime. But its up to us as a community to chase the rif raf away! How we propose to put Sodwana Bay and your local Business on the map is by taking Sodwana to Social Media… Yeah our community has its Sodwana Bay Facebook groups and that is great!  But sadly this is not enough! I have been on countless SA groups and international groups, and I am sad to say – there are no mention of Sodwana Bay anywhere. Although I am totally in love with Sodwana Bay I only learnt this place existed after I turned 19 years old. How sad is that and how many countless people die not even knowing this hidden gem exists! Lets make Sodwana as popular as Cape Town, so famous that international tourists will rather wanna experience true Africa instead of just another Big City/Town! We can help with that. Check out our price list below and help make Sodwana and your business Famous again!

Book with us today!

By Sodwana Bay

Sodwana Bay information now takes bookings…  You can now do all your bookings through us and get extra info needed for your perfect Sodwana Bay holiday all on the go!   Book Now     So why book through us? All your info is encrypted – All your information will be safe and secure with us! Quick and simple – Choose the date and camp you are interested in and our affiliates will give you an instant quote and payment processing! Added bonuses – You are already on an informational site, so after booking the best holiday you can ever ask for browse through our website and find extra exciting things happening in Sodwana, specials, shops, restaurants, reviews from past tourists etc… Help a local out – By being affiliated with Safari now we get a percentage of your bookings at no extra charge to you. We need all the support we can get!   Book Now