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Get your Skippers License now!

Everybody who owns a boat or is interested in buying a boat sometime in the near future needs a Skippers License. Unfortunately just like getting your drivers License for a car, you will also need a license to drive your boat on the open waters (no matter where you go!).

Luckily these days Skippers Licensing Courses are not so hard to come by. But that is easy if you live near a lake, dam, or the Sea. But for most this can become a tricky and expensive course if you can’t find the right trainers.

Here are a few things you should do to start and complete your course:

  • The first thing you have to do when getting your license is applying for a course that will suite your budget and needs. Remember to make sure the course you choose suits your needs. E.g Inland Skippers Course or Coastal Skippers course.

Whats the difference you ask? The difference is that Inland courses will restrict you from venturing into the open seas, whilst Coastal Skippers License Training will  allow you to drive on the open oceans and allow you to go for a day out fishing on the dam or lake! Although the Coastal Skippers Courses are a bit more expensive than the normal Inland Courses it is worth the while, sort of like  getting a manual car License instead of  going for an automatic license. Its easier to pass but can screw you around in the future.

  • So once you have established which course you want to or are willing to  take the next logical thing will be to decide which Skippers inland or Coastal Skippers training course you would like to apply  for and  which Skipper Licensing training company you would like to train with.

Try if possible go for a company that will allow you to do your theory in your home town, there is unfortunately not much you can do if you live far away from a water bed that will suite your courses needs.

  • Next step is to pay attention in class!

If you are done with school this can be an annoying process (Unless you liked tests and exams in School). You have applied for your course and now have to attend the theory part of your License. This includes attending classes (most times over weekends to accommodate those who can’t make it during the week). You should really try pay attention during these courses and take as many notes as you possibly can, or maybe even take voice notes from the instructor while he is giving his lesson. Theory like most other tests are really important to getting your License, it shows your instructor that you truly understand the course and what  you should do practically.

Once you pass your Theory test you will be able to move onto your Practical test.  Practical is where you will either make it or break it?

Your actual Practical Skippers Licensing test is where your instructor takes you out on the water bed to see if you can actually put your Theory that you have learned so far into the practical world. Of course you will have a few days of Practical Training before doing your actual test. So make sure to pay as much attention as possible  to your instructor to achieve the maximum results on your final test.

Sodwana Bay is a great place to do your Coastal Skippers License as you will have to learn to do a surf launch instead of just a normal dock launch, which will give you a great advantage all over the world.

Check out our listings to find out which lodges and Trainers are available to get  your Coastal Skippers License from!