Although we have never tried this sport before, research tells us that Sodwana Bay is very popular for Kite Surfing, it has great winds for Kite Surfing all year round and from our experience as a spectator of this beautiful reef/dune there are a lot of big waves constantly coming in.

There is also a Kite Surfing festival that takes place in October and November. It is claimed that Sodwana Bay is the best Kite Surfing spot in the country (South Africa) due to the best wind conditions.

So if you have never been to Sodwana Bay or have never tested out Sodwana’s great waves and winds, get down their to test it out and if you have tested out Kite Surfing in Sodwana Bay, drop us an email telling us about how your experience was and if you would  recommend this spot as a good kite Surfing spot? Maybe even add a video if you have water proof camera. Your video could be featured on our Website!

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