What animal lover does not love Horse Riding, especially on the beach or take a game ride? How romantic wont that be to ride on a horse along the shore side or through a magical forest. Of course this is something both partners will have to be  in consensus with.

Although this particular activity is not widely proclaimed like other sports such as Scuba Diving and Snorkeling there are a hand full of small businesses that do offer game and beach tours via Horse Back riding.

Although we only recently found out about this activity – so have not tried it out ourselves yet. It sounds like it could be a wonderful experience. Research says that some of these businesses who offer these tours will pair you up with a horse according to what experience you have in Horse Back riding. Meaning if you never road a horse before they will most likely pair you up with a very gentle and possibly slower horse. While more experienced riders will be able to ride not such  gentle horses or more experienced “Spunky” horses.

We will  give an update on what our experiences were like once we try this activity ourselves.

Check out the iSimangaliso Wetland Park for more information.

Have you tried this activity?

Send us an email with the company you chose and what your experience was like, maybe add a photo or video and we might just add it to our website and you could even appear  on our youtube channel.