A Visit To The Historic Dockyard in Portsmouth

By Guest Writer

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Author: Chantelle Wyatt

The Historic Dockyard in Portsmouth is an impressive location full of sea faring history and modern day naval activity. 

With the opportunity to visit historical ships, 4D dive experiences of ship salvage, boat making, harbour cruises and much more it is a delight of a place to visit.

The Mary Rose wreck rests here along with the Victory, Warrior and Alliance. It is the home to Serco, one of the biggest ship/boat maintaence companies and is also interestingly the biggest receiver of bananas in the UK, receiving 70% of our import of them.

It is a city soaked in history, from spice plants and tobacco arriving on its shores to prisoners digging out the harbour and building what is now the infamous naval training site that is Whale Island.

The site is active and ceremonies, daily routines and tasks still continue here with an enormous number of harbour/naval and MOD employees coming and going each day.

The water bus ferries hop you over to neighbouring Gosport to see submarines, explosion museums and dive museums. There is so much here to see and do! You don’t have to be a lover of all things coastal to enjoy this place. The stories of sailors, divers and dockyard workers are quite incredible with it being a real hub of activity for hundreds of years. A must visit!

Learn more at: https://historicdockyard.co.uk

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