We have reached 1600 signatures!!! Wow, this is awesome news. It is great to realize that there is still individuals out there who care. Thank you for each and every one of you who have made their mark and signed.

It might mainly be an environmental issue, but there are human lives and hopes connected with this Campaign. We can’t do this without you. Unfortunately, we are all forced to take a stand up as a community – AS ONE – Those who live here in Sodwana and those who have fallen in love with Sodwana.

At the moment we are collecting signatures and making people aware of the importance of “Ignorance” against nature. We want those with power to step in and make their voices heard. Thanks again for making your voice heard…

We are bound so tightly to nature – as we are all part of nature – WE ARE NATURE! We might think we have “Evolved” and better ourselves so much that we can distance ourselves from the fact that we also fall in the group “Mammals”. We have learnt to build with brick and mortar and live our life’s in technology, but will it be too late, when we finally look up and realize that everything around us is gone. Brick and mortar seems less appealing when everything no more…

What we need from you?
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